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Ban des truffes-Les membres de la Confrrie du Diamant Noir et M le maire vont ouvrir officiellement la saison des marchs aux truffes MS 2The Dignitary and Venerable Knighs of Black Diamond and Gastronomy Brotherhood, known as Black Truffle Brotherhood was founded on the 27 May of 1982. This association, which headquarters is in Richerenches, represents all the different sectors of truffle production from South-East to South-West. That is why, enthroning chapters take place every year in one of these regions. The association has more than 300 members in all over the world. Its aim is to defend and promote the truffle Tuber Melanosporum in all places, all times, every occasion. In that way its members participate in many gourmet events, festivals, fairs and markets in France and abroad responding to other brotherhoods or associations’ invitations.


The Brothers’ outfit is a big black cloak lined with grey, reminding the colour of truffle, a black felt hat and a tin medal. This last one is worn around the neck with a big golden ribbon. The association is made up of an illimited number of knigt members, first five years of enthroning; dignitary members, the five following years; venerable members, from the 11th year of enthroning.

 Grand Maître : Bernard REYNAL
Contact : Martine ESCOFFIER  Tél :

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