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The Templars

- 1118 : fondation of the Order « Poor Knights of Christ and Salomon’s Temple », in charge of protecting saint places and pilgrims going to Jerusalem.

Hugues de Payns was the first Great Master.

The Templars were soldier monks.

- 1129 : Troy’s Council gave rules to the Order of the Temple, make the best of the monk and the fighter.

- 1136 : Robert de Craon is the Head of the Order of the Temple.

The Templars in Richerenches

- 1136 : Arnaud de Bedos (catalan brother) arrived in Provence to recruit other Templars, to find donations and build a commanderie(big country house).

He arrives in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux ; he is received by the bishop Pons de Grillon which encourages the Lords of the land to make donations.

The Bourbouton gave their lands to the locality "Ricarencis" (Richerenches). The commanderie’s works were quickly began and finished.

The Templar Church was also built.

Notice that before this time was the St Alban Chapel as well as a Clunisian Priory never found.

- 1137 : building of the Cistercian Abbey of Aiguebelle (located 12.4 miles away from Richerenches) ; it probably had links with Richerenches

- 1138 :

            * Hugo de Bourbouton enters the Order as Knight.

           * Robert de Craon, Great Master of the Order, visits Richerenches.

           * Hugo de Bourbouton gives all his belongings to the Temple.

- 1145 :

           * Hugo de Bourbouton becomes Commander and begins big dryout works of the swamps and developped the land.

           * End of the Bourbouton dynasty.

Richerenches "exemplary farm"

A big farm develops thanks to the donations and the buying of the land in villages. It produces vegetables, cereals, sheep(wool), horses, wheels, vineyard and fruit trees.

The Commanderie has been Provence’s most important one and counts up to 275 members and will still be growing.

The Templars became banquers as well, loan, advance, deposit and cash share. France’s Kings Banquers, they were managing Crusades’ financial ressources.

The King of England Henri II entrusted a part of his treasure to the templars.

Private also used there financial services.

- 1307 : arrest of the Templars, under King Philippe Le Bel and Pope Clément V.

- 1312 : abolition of the Order of the Temple

- 1314 :

           * The Great Master Jacques de Molay was burnt at the stake.

           * The templars goods were given to St-Jean-De-Jérusalem’s hospital workers. In 1317, these last ones yield those to the St-Siège in Avignon.

           * The Popes have abandonned Richerenches, practically inhabited. It was bought in 1476 by Cardinal Julien de la Rovere (future Pope Jules II) which gave it to his foundation: Collège de Roure (of which we still own the coat of arms: the oak tree).

- 1502 : an act is submitted between Collège de Roure and a dozen of families. These last ones have to rebuilt the village on the ruins of the Templars’ Commanderie and run the land negociating taxes.

- 1502/1602 :

           * the current village is finished, the church has one nave

           * from the Templars time remains: the apse of the current church, the bottom of the belfry’s door and the “Templars’s House”.

- 2006: an archeological and architectural study of the Templars’ House is made by Jean-Marc Mignon and Damien Carraz.

- The Templars’ House: beginning of the works: 1136

           * simple and modest building made of rubble stone and even some pebbles but important by its size 98.4feet X23 feet, an inferior vault(tearings visible). At the first floor probably a frame and a classic roof.

Quickly, stability problems appeared, the first floor was rebuilt, raised and embellished. Strong foothills were built to ensure the building’s stability now 104.7 feet X34.9 feet. A broken barrel vault replaces the frame.

The use of the building was probably agricultural downstairs and a house upstairs, maybe the Commander’s.

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