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 Come and discover Richerenches!

Its truffle market, wich is the most impportant in Europe,Le Ban des Truffes, Truffle market opening, truffle mass, Truffle brotherhood, Truffle omelette tasting and Truffle picking with farmers.


capitale_de_la_truffeCavage de la truffe au Domaine Grand GrangeTruffes de Richerenches

The history of the knights

Through history Templars founded Richerenches as a medieval village. The beautiful church Saint Denis, surrounded by the remparts is very much appreciated for romantic weddings. The Templar’s House was restored in 2008 it is now the tourist information center. Through its truffle and wine museum, you can find a permanent exhibition about the Templars, and all year long, different exhibitions and concert in the big arched room.


As Richerenches’ heritage we prospose you to visit and taste the wine of our cellar: Le Cellier des Templiers, Le Domaine St Alban et le domaine de la Guiberte




Our village as another distinctive feature : it is located in Enclave des Papes (Pope’s Enclave): l'Enclave des Papes.

During your stay you can discover Richenrenches, the Enclave des Papes or at a largest scale the region trough walking paths, biking and horse-ridding.,walking tour,biking 

Your day can be animated by painting activities, outdoor activities or guided tours

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